The Pearls of Lake Como

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Bellagio & Varenna, often referred to as the Pearls of lake Como, are two of the most revered villages of lake Como. Their uniquely picturesque locations at the junction where the Y-shaped lake divides into two branches, makes it one of the most sought-after destinations of lake Como.

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  • Cà Maria - Bellagio
  • Terrazza Mazzini - Bellagio
  • Villa Trotti - Bellagio
  • Villa Perladina - Varenna
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    What our guests say...

    "So close to all the local shops and restaurants. Perfect for taking long walks around the beautiful lake."

    - Pargol, UK


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    Your comfort is our mission! Our team embodies our passion to personalize your stay. With many of our residents spending several days to months, there exists a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a three dimensional experience while staying at Easy Welcome Apartments in Bellagio & Varenna and it’s collection of amenities.


    The tiny streets of Bellagio are so pretty that a simple walk is worth the visit. Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, which gets to Punta Spartivento (tip of the village) in less than 10 minutes, is populated by dozens of shops from local produce, leather goods, clothing, perfumes, and much more.


    Varenna enchants every visitor for the rare beauty, the local culture, the unspoilt natural setting and for the proximity to other landmarks, its picturesque lanes and old fishermen's houses and it's marvellous villas built from the XVIII to the XIX century.

    Easy Welcome Apartments


    Lake Como

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